The Lagos Food Bank recently celebrated the World Breastfeeding Week with a week-long program August 1st to 7th through its NUMEPLAN program at the Food Bank warehouse. The breastfeeding week which was tagged “Enabling Breastfeeding; Making a Difference for Working Parents” focused on empowering Nursing mothers with essential knowledge about breastfeeding.

The program commenced with an informative nutrition talk, led by the food bank’s in-house nutritionist highlighting the vital nutrients present in breast milk and the numerous benefits of breastfeeding for both infants and nursing mothers. The beneficiaries present gained valuable insights into combating malnutrition and ensuring optimal health through breastfeeding. Mothers were equipped with strategies to balance their workplaces commitments while continuing to provide the best nutrition for their infants. Also present were invited health care professionals who took several aspects and sessions on educating the beneficiaries of the day.

The Executive Director of LFBI Dr. Michael Sunbola also in attendance addressed the participants of the program with words of encouragement as he highlighted that the food bank is intensifying its actions to ensuring the reduction of malnutrition across vulnerable communities.

A key aspect of the event was a food demonstration session. It showcased nutritious and simple meals that align with breastfeeding needs. The demonstration provided mothers with practical ideas for preparing wholesome meals for their children while maintaining their own well-being.

Furthermore, ‘Boxes of Hope’ containing essential items including food stuffs, diapers, infant cereal, formula milk, and other relief materials were distributed to support struggling parents and promote infant well-being. Through the Cloth Bank Nigeria program donated items such as clothes, toys, and children’s items were distributed as well.

The World Breastfeeding Week program received an overwhelming response from beneficiaries, including nursing mothers, nutritionists, and volunteers. The event succeeded in promoting breastfeeding as a powerful tool to combat malnutrition and empower parents to positively impact their children’s health.

Through our NUMEPLAN program, we made a significant difference for working parents and nursing mothers, empowering them with knowledge and creating a healthier environment for all children.