Malnutrition has serious consequences on a child’s physical and cognitive development, which can also lead to death. The NUMEPLAN of Lagos Food Bank program is committed to helping reducing the rate of malnutrition through its nutrition assessments and interventions that ensures these children are receiving adequate nutrition needed to stay alive and thrive.

Yet again, the Lagos Food Bank celebrates the incredible transformation of Adamu Adamu referred from its partner PHC and was enrolled as severely malnourished infant into the NUMEPLAN program.

Through proper monitoring and evaluation and consistent feeding pattern, his health improved significantly. Adamu showed physical changes in weight from 4.5kg to 8kg, length from 56cm to 69cm and mid-upper arm circumference from 9.7cm to 13.5cm.  There was also improvement in physical appearance as he looks well-nourished and healthy like children his age.

As part of LFBI’s nutrition intervention, Adamu’s mother received essential education on nutrition, guidance on complementary feeding practices, food preparation techniques, and the provision of nutritious food items during each two-week visitation.

To ensure the sustained progress of Adamu’s health and growth, he will continue to attend monthly follow-up appointments to monitor his development and prevent any relapses in his health status.

Lagos Food Bank is glad that Adamu’s mother has adhered to the program’s instructions. Her dedication has played a great role in achieving this remarkable milestone in Adamu’s growth and well-being.