Tuesday 14th February, 2023 was a memorable day for Lagos Food Bank Initiative as the organization marked  Seven Years of reaching vulnerable yet resilient communities within Lagos and its environs. In commemoration of this milestone, the organization officially unveiled two additional programs as a part of its targeted programs that seek to reduce the prevalence of hunger, malnutrition and poverty and are in line with LFBI’s vision to be the nation’s leading domestic hunger relief organization that provides access to sufficient and nutritious food for all.

The launching of the new programs, Cloth Bank Nigeria and Food Bank Network Nigeria which took place at the administrative office of the food bank had an engaging welcome as volunteers and members of the food bank team excitedly congratulated the food bank on its innovative approach to solving current problems.

In an anniversary speech by the President of the Lagos Food Bank Initiative Dr Michael Sunbola, who appreciated all the contributors to the growth journey the food bank has experienced over the last seven years. He also stated that the establishment of Cloth Bank Nigeria is set to bring new life to donated clothes and Food Bank Network Nigeria is a coalition of credible organizations who are addressing the problem of hunger and malnutrition nationwide.

In continuation of the anniversary celebration, with congratulatory visits from several well wishers one of which was the founder of Be a Gift to All Foundation a member of the Lagos Food Bank’s partner Ngos who visited with  his team of volunteers to congratulate the food bank on its mile stone and the impact of the food bank’s partnership with the foundation. 

The anniversary was also celebrated by celebrities Leo Dasilva and J’odie among others, the food bank’s online community and well wishers as they poured their congratulatory messages on various social media platforms.