The Lagos Food Bank team paid a visit to speak with female secondary school students within Orile Agege  community, on the 8th of March 2024 to mark the International Women’s Day.

Speaking on women’s wellness and strategies for career advancement in the workspace, the female students were adequately enlightened with a comprehensive guide on women’s nutrition and health to enable them maintain healthy dietary practices for their general well-being. The right choices of foods were highlighted to ensure healthy eating habits, with detailed reasons why such choices are beneficial for optimal growth, development and wellness.

Also, taking into consideration the theme for 2024 International Women’s Day; Inspire Inclusion, the food bank team spoke on strategies for career advancement in the workspace for women, educating them on the need to develop such innate skills to be more productive and competitive in the workspace, while setting them up for excellence and success in their various career choices.

The visit was very impactful with the students and teachers expressing their gratitude for the insightful topics which undoubtedly proved helpful to them. The food bank also appreciated their female teachers and students with gifts to make the 2024 International Women’s Day a remarkable experience.