We are thrilled to announce that the Lagos Food Bank Initiative, through its remarkable Family Farming program, has been announced as the winner of the prestigious Water Air Food Awards (WAFA) in the Food category.

The primary objective of the Lagos Food Bank Family Farming program is to establish a food and agricultural system that is family-managed and operated, leveraging family labor to enhance the quality of life with dignity and equity. By focusing on this approach, the program endeavors to alleviate hunger and poverty, working towards a significant reduction in both.

This esteemed award further fuels our aspirations to achieve even greater heights through our family farming program. It serves as a powerful catalyst, inspiring us to continue our efforts in making a meaningful impact and creating positive change in the area of food security. We are motivated to leverage this recognition to expand the reach and effectiveness of our program, ensuring that it brings about sustainable and enduring benefits to communities in need.

WAFA aims to recognize and promote exceptional sustainable initiatives dedicated to ensuring global water, air, and food security. This prestigious award aims to illuminate the endeavors and narratives of ordinary individuals accomplishing extraordinary feats, inspiring people worldwide to strive towards comprehensive water, air, and food security for all.