Monday 20th of December 2021 was a memorable one for the thousands of vulnerable children in Agege community as Lagos Food Bank Initiative in partnership with Kelloggs’s Tolaram distributed Kellogg’s Moon and Star cereals to them. The president of the organization, Mr. Michael while addressing volunteers said “During the holiday season, a lot of children from low-income homes struggle with their dietary needs and this is why the outreach was organized.”
At about 12 pm on the distribution day, thousands of children gathered at Eidi field, Agege to wait for the Kellogg’s and Lagos Food Bank team to arrive. Information had already been passed to the parents in the community to release their children and wards for the distribution. Upon arrival, the children received the team with a warm welcome. Immediately, loud music and laughter filled the air. Children dancing; on-lookers cheering. It was indeed a moment of bliss. The children were not only fed on the spot, each child was also given take-home rations of the crunchy Kellogg’s Moon and Star cereal. “My 5 children who have been at home because of the holidays are here today. Because they are not in school, I spend so much food because it seems they are always hungry. I am a petty trader and widow who is struggling, sometimes we have breakfast by 1 pm and then dinner. I’m happy about the items my children have received. At least my children will have breakfast for about 2 weeks.” said Maria, a happy parent.