“We would like to take advantage of this opportunity to give back to the communities where we operate, and what better day than today to show love to families in underserved areas. We hope that our relationship with the Lagos Food Bank will have a positive influence on a number of families and demonstrate that we care,” said the CEO of Jumia Nigeria, Massimiliano Spalazzi. And indeed what better period is it to show love than during Valentine, the season of love.

On Saturday 12th February, Lagos Food Bank in partnership with Jumia Nigeria delivered hope, love and food to the vulnerable people of Agboyi-Ketu community through their Temporary Emergency Food Intervention Program (TEFAP). Agboyi-Ketu is a community in Lagos surrounded by water and the residents go and come out of the community through canoes. Despite the large population, the community lacks basic amenities/facilities ranging from good drinking water, secondary school, roads, hospitals, and a bridge that should link it with other communities. The Lagos Food Bank team arrived at the community at 10:35 on Saturday morning and had to take a 2 to 3-minute canoe ride to cross into the entrance of the community. The members of the community excitedly welcomed the volunteers of LFBI and members of the Jumia team as they began arranging the boxes of hope tagged “Delivering Hope with Jumia” at the designated space.

One of the elderly beneficiaries Mrs. Omowunmi was delighted at the sight of all the goodies that were packaged for her and her family and prayed profusely for the organizations. The children and other members of the community were not left out as they also received items like noodles, fairly used clothes, and other non-essential items.  The president of Lagos Foood Bank also expressed his gratitude to the partners of the event “Jumia’s charitable contribution shows a sincere dedication to giving back to the community. These food packages will undoubtedly bring joy to many families on Valentine’s Day.