On the 14th of December 2023, Jumia Nigeria donated clothing items to the beneficiaries of the Lagos Food Bank through its Cloth Banking Nigeria (CBN) program during a program activity at the organization’s warehouse.

Clothing insecurity in Nigeria has significantly increased along with the high prices of clothes throwing families with low purchasing power and unstable income into clothing poverty

Beneficiaries who received clothes of their choice upon selection, appreciated the food bank and its partners for the timely support of providing them with their basic need, offering testimonials to reveal their struggles towards being able to afford food, shelter and clothing with their limited resources, not to mention other responsibilities like school fees for their children.

Cloth Banking Nigeria (CBN) is an initiative of the Lagos Food Bank to address clothing insecurity affecting vulnerable families in low-income communities. The goal of this initiative is to bring hope to beneficiaries through the distribution of a vast variety of donated clothing items, this in turn will reduce the prevalence of cloth insecure families, and encourage them to focus their limited resources on other basic necessities.