The Lagos Food Bank is thrilled to share the remarkable story of Ismail Jimoh, a 2-month-old baby who has made an incredible recovery from malnutrition.

Ismail was enrolled in the NUMEPLAN program at just 2 months old, weighing a mere 2.7kg and displayed physical signs of malnutrition, including thinness, visible bones, scaly skin and a weak cry. At this critical stage, he was diagnosed with severe malnutrition, which put his health and development at risk.

During the course of his visits, our in-house nutritionists worked closely with his mother to ensure he received the best possible nutritional intervention. Ismail received comprehensive nutritional support, including the provision of nutritious food to address his malnutrition.

Through regular check-ups, counseling, proper monitoring and evaluation and consistent feeding pattern, his health improved significantly. Ismail showed physical changes in weight from 2.7kg to 6.8kg. There was also improvement in physical appearance as he looks well-nourished and healthy like children his age.

After six visits, Ismail has made an astonishing recovery. He now weighs a healthy 6.8 kg, MUAC 12.9cm and has achieved age-appropriate developmental milestones.

To ensure he maintains steady development and avoids a relapse in his health status, he will continue to come for monthly follow-up visits. We are happy to know that Jimoh’s mother has adhered to the nutrition counseling provided and he has made significant progress in his growth and development