In Nigeria, where the fight against hunger is a pressing concern, supporting local non-profit hunger relief organisations becomes a shared responsibility. Creative approaches to fundraising not only generate essential funds but also bind communities together in a unified endeavour to combat food insecurity.

Taking the Lagos Food Bank Initiative as a case study, the leading frontline agency tackling food insecurity and malnutrition in Nigeria, a number of notable fundraising events have been embarked on with measurable successes. These fundraising ideas of the food bank, alongside other possible innovative and culturally resonant fundraising ideas tailored for supporting local non-profit hunger relief organisations in Nigeria will be explored in this article.

  • Walk-a-thon: The food bank annually hosts a lengthy hunger walk to raise awareness and resources to fund a school feeding initiative, which is geared towards improving school attendance, equal rights to education for the girl child, and boost the ability of food insecure students to focus on academic learning. Organisations, celebrities and prominent figures in society are also invited to join the walk to guarantee the success of the event and ensure the purpose of raising awareness for a dire need is accomplished.


  • Car Wash Fundraiser: The “Wash A Car, Feed A Child” initiative adopted by the food bank is also a viable means of fundraising for nonprofits. It involves organising a car wash event where car owners are encouraged to participate by bringing in their automobiles for wash and the fees charged are channelled towards a hunger-relief initiative.


  • Dance-A-Thon: Hosting a dance-a-thon featuring traditional Nigerian dances is a creative way of raising funds, which was once adopted by the food bank. Participants seek sponsors for their dance routines, and viewers contribute to support their favourite dancers. Proceeds from this event are then used to fund a feeding initiative, thereby reducing the hunger gap in a fun way. This lively event not only raises funds but also promotes cultural\ appreciation.


  • Canned Food or Clothing Drive: By hosting a canned food drive or clothing drive where individuals can bring diverse donations to the food bank in support of the initiative or corporate organisations can pull together these donations and then donate to the food bank. These donations become a part of the food items distributed to families living within low income communities.
  • Charity Auction: This is another good way to fundraise for an initiative. The auction can be dynamic to feature vouchers for lunch, art, bidding for an individual etc and engaging to the donors present at the event. The goal of the auction is to raise as much funds for the organisation and can be done either physically or virtually.

Other creative fundraising ideas include: 

  • Food Festival: Celebrate Nigeria’s rich culinary heritage by organising a traditional food festival. Local chefs and community members can showcase traditional dishes, attracting participants who pay a fee to attend. The proceeds can be contributed to the non-profit organisation’s hunger relief efforts.


  • Musical Concert: Host a music concert featuring local artists and musicians. Attendees can purchase tickets, and additional funds can be raised through merchandise sales and sponsorships from corporate organisations aligned with your organisation’s goals. 


  • Fitness Challenge: Organise a fitness challenge inspired by partnering with gyms, personal trainers and fitness enthusiasts to either a physical location or through an online campaign. Through physical monetary  donations and links you can fundraise to support nutrition programs for communities facing food insecurity.

These ideas blend tradition, entertainment, and community engagement to address the pressing issue of hunger. By embracing these creative initiatives, we can forge a path towards a nourished and resilient future for our local communities. Together, let’s turn these ideas into a powerful force for positive change in the fight against food insecurity and malnutrition in Nigeria.