Wasting, also known as acute malnutrition, is characterized by a rapid loss of muscle and fat tissue primarily caused by inadequate food intake and/or illness. Factors such as food insecurity, poverty, inadequate breastfeeding practices, and infectious diseases also contribute to wasting.

Through the NUMEPLAN program of Lagos Food Bank has made positive impact in the lives of children affected by malnutrition by ensuring these children receive adequate nutrition to stay alive and thrive.

A significant progress of one its beneficiaries – Abimbola, referred from a partner Primary Health Centre (PHC), was enrolled as a severely malnourished 6-month-old baby into the program. On enrollment, she presented visible signs of wasting and a comprehensive treatment plan was initiated which included provision of nutritious food item, nutrition counselling and education for her care giver.

Abimbola was provided with Ready-to-Use-Therapeutic Food (RUTF) and her weight, nutritional status and overall health were monitored during each bi-weekly visit.

Over the course of her visit, Abimbola demonstrated a remarkable progress with weight increase from 3.9kg to 7.2kg, and MUAC improved to 12.9cm and overall improvement in physical appearance and general wellbeing. Abimbola’s caregiver adhered to the provided nutritional counseling which contributed to her progress.

To ensure the sustained progress of Abimbola’s health and wellbeing, she will continue to attend monthly follow-up appointments to monitor her growth and prevent any relapses in her health status.

Food is life, and knowledge is power.