“It is our corporate responsibility to help the communities within our environment of operation in any way we can, and we at HFM Nigeria know this is just as important as our organization’s vision and mission,” was the words of the Managing Director of HF Markets Nigeria, Opeoluwa Abiola, during the community outreach on the 27th of April 2024.

Taking place in Oworonshoki community, Lagos, the outreach was timely and successful, putting genuine smiles on the faces of beneficiaries of the Temporary Food Assistance Program (TEFAP), who received boxes of hope containing food items and personal care materials for their sustenance.

The outreach also witnessed devoted corporate volunteering by the HFM Nigeria team, who worked hand in hand with the food bank volunteers to ensure a smooth flow of the distribution process, while lifting the spirits of beneficiaries with laughter and dancing.

In his speech to attendees of the outreach, the  Founder/Executive Director of the food bank, Dr. Michael Sunbola, recognized the presence of the Managing Director of HF Markets Nigeria, and appreciated the partner organization for their kind gesture. He also highlighted the importance of their partnership as a lifesaver to beneficiaries, given the present economic challenges faced by families living below the poverty line, and advocated for more viable partnerships with the food bank to curb the persistence of food insecurity affecting underserved communities the most.

The outreach was a success as beneficiaries left the venue with renewed hope, evident in their smiles and countenance. Amidst the economic challenges, the food bank remains steadfast in catering to underserved communities in need of nutritional support and care.