Lagos Food Bank Initiative in partnership with the Global Foodbanking Network on Saturday, the 29th of July, 2023, to reach out to vulnerable families in Agboyi Community, in Ketu, Lagos, facing challenges of food insecurity with the rapid increase in general market prices of food items due to the removal of fuel subsidy. Agboyi community, Ketu is presided by HRM OBA Egnr. Monsuru Abimbola Adekanbi Oladega, the OLU of Agboyi land.

During the opening speech, the Executive Director of LFBI, Dr. Michael Sunbola, highlighted on the need to intervene both as individuals and cooperation for vulnerable families in the wake of subsidy removal, as it is a challenging period for all, especially those living in low-cost communities. He noted that nothing was too little to be sacrificed for the sake of helping others sustain themselves and their families in such trying times.

The outreach was a remarkable success with exceeding expectations as our beneficiaries expressed their excitement as they received boxes of hope to last a family of 5 for 2-4 weeks. Beneficiaries were present in great numbers in anticipation and didn’t hesitate to testify to the impact of the outreach which was evident in their general body language.

One Mrs. Abiola, a mother of four residing in Agboyi community expressed her gratitude to LFBI and GFN, stating that our boxes of hope provides a huge relief to the economic tension in their family, arising from the removal of subsidy.

The Subsidy Removal Food Aid Program, SRFAP, dedicated to providing hunger-relief items for vulnerable families due to the sudden increase in general market prices as a result of the removal of subsidy. The program initiative is to last for 3 months as the organization looks to help curb the economic effect of subsidy removal in low-cost communities.