“We hope to do this again, by the special Grace of God,” was the remark of Roselyn Abraham, the Head of Human Resource, GDL, during one of the outreaches at Ogundimu, Iwaya Community, Lagos State.

In celebration of a new financial year, Growth and Development Asset Management Limited partnered with Lagos Food Bank Initiative for a marathon of outreaches where nutritious food and personal care items were provided to vulnerable families living in low-cost communities across Lagos for their sustenance, through the Temporary Food Assistance Program.

Serving Iwaya, Ilasamaja and Ikorodu communities, the outreaches took place on the 17th, 18th and 20th of January 2024, respectively, and witnessed a turn out of resilient beneficiaries who expressed their sincere gratitude upon receiving their sustenance boxes with each box capable of lasting a family of 4 to 5 members for 3 to 4 weeks.

Present for the outreaches were GDL members and representatives, who addressed the attendees on different occasions on the importance of supporting the vulnerable populace in our society, especially as a thriving organization, groups and individuals. Also highlighting the significance of partnerships with community-driven organizations like the Lagos Food Bank for creating and promoting social impact across the country.

Also addressing those present for the outreaches was the Executive Director/Founder of the food bank, Dr. Michael Sunbola, who appreciated the partner for their commitment towards a successful partnership and for the kindness expressed through their support for vulnerable families. He also acknowledged the unwavering dedication of the food bank volunteers who were present for the outreaches, and encouraged them to carry the spirit of volunteerism far and beyond as a way of ensuring long-lasting impact in various communities.

This partnership between these organizations proved to be timely, given the rising costs of living across the nation, with food insecurity persisting in low-income communities due to the socio-economic challenges. It is safe to say that with more viable partnerships such as this, mitigation of hunger and malnutrition to its barest minimum can be achieved in Lagos and its environs.