In line with SDG 17; Partnership for the goals, and SDG 2; Zero hunger, Lagos Food Bank Initiative will be partnering with Stephen Akintayo’s Foundation and GText Holdings on the 31st of May 2024, through the Temporary Food Assistance Program (TEFAP) to support resilient women and households in Ikorodu Community with nourishment and personal care items for their well-being and sustenance.

This partnership with the food bank marks the 16th anniversary of GText Holdings, gearing towards a community-driven initiative that aims to improve the nutritional status of those in need of care and support.



Stephen Akintayo’s Foundation is a forward thinking team aiming to create wealth for all by lifting 1 million Africans out of poverty through their support programs and scholarships.

Gtext Holdings is the number one holdings company, maximizing shareholders’ value and enabling economic development globally with a specific focus on emerging markets all around the world.



The goal of this outreach is to mitigate food insecurity persisting in low-income communities by providing nutrition to women and families living in Ikorodu Community for their general well-being.



  • To combat food insecurity and support vulnerable families living in Ikorodu community.
  • To enhance the well-being of the elderly through proper nutrition and promote a healthy diet.
  • To encourage families living below the poverty line to save limited resources for other pressing needs.


Date: Friday 31th May, 2024.

Beneficiaries: Resilient women and families living in Ikorodu Community, Lagos.

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