On Thursday 21st December 2023, the Lagos Food Bank Initiative in partnership with Bristow Helicopters Nigeria Limited will reach families from low-income communities with food relief and personal care items  this festive season through the Temporary Food Assistance Program (TEFAP) at the food bank warehouse.


With over six decades of aviation solutions crossing the globe, Bristow is the world’s leading provider of helicopter transportation to energy customers, search and rescue (SAR) and aircraft support solutions to government and civil organisations. Bristow offers the latest training and safety standards and includes a fleet of the industry’s most modern aircraft, targeting the growing demand for reliable, integrated aviation solutions. Bristow Groups seek to elevate people and to achieve a safer and more productive world.


To cater to the nutritional needs of beneficiaries living and reduce the impact of hunger created through the current economic downturn within the country.


  • To provide immediate food relief assistance by ensuring all beneficiaries with low economic power have access to nutritious meals during festive celebrations.
  • To give vulnerable families with personal care items to support better self-care practices
  • To bring hope and a sense of belonging to residents of resilient communities.

DATE: Thursday 21st December 2023

BENEFICIARIES: Aged women and widows from low-income communities

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