On Saturday 29th July 2023, Lagos Food Bank Initiative (LFBI) in partnership with the Global Food Banking Network (GFN) will be reaching out to vulnerable families with food relief and personal care items to sustain a family of 5 for 2-4 weeks through the Subsidy Removal Food Aid Program. 

The Subsidy Removal Food Aid Program (SRFAP) is a 3-month food relief intervention initiative that provides necessary support to vulnerable communities in Lagos, Nigeria, struggling with economic hardships and food insecurity in the wake of the fuel subsidy removal. 

About Our Partner: 

The Global Food Banking Network (GFN) is an international nonprofit that works towards a hunger-free future in more than 40 countries by sustaining, uniting and strengthening food banks. They believe that food banks are an integral and viable solution in empowering the world to defeat hunger and change lives. 


The goal of this outreach is to assist vulnerable women in low-income communities cushion the effects of subsidy removal, leading to the increase in prices of food stuffs in the market, thereby ensuring food-insecure communities get the required assistance they deserve through our intervention program. 


  • To reduce the effect of subsidy removal in low-cost communities. 
  • To provide food for vulnerable women living in low-cost communities. 
  • To bring hope to the vulnerable amidst the increasing prices of food caused by the removal of subsidy. 

DATESaturday 29th July 2023 

BENEFICIARIES – Vulnerable women living in low-income communities. 

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  1. Sarah Adewunmi
    July 27, 2023

    I am in

  2. Jethro Bolarinwa
    July 27, 2023

    Good initiatives.im.happy to be part of the program

  3. Bakare Aisha Olatanwa
    July 28, 2023

    A welcome initiative for humanitarian aid.I am happy to be a volunteer too.
    Kudos to all&sundry who have been partipating, numerous donors especially during this trying period for Nigerians.

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