The first TEFAP outreach for the year 2022 is scheduled to be held in Somolu community in partnership with DSCL Corporate Services Limited on the 5th of February, 2022. Through this program that caters to the welfare of vulnerable beneficiaries in the aspect of food and personal care hygiene, we are continuing our good works of supplying relief to vulnerable indigent communities in South West, Nigeria. Our network of volunteers and staff have worked to inspect and identify vulnerable families as well as sort and package and package the boxes containing essential foodstuff and grocery supplies as well as nonessential items such as personal care items.
We aim to reach out to vulnerable families in Somolu community that are in dire economic and physical extremity to give them hope and assistance that will support better outcomes for them and their families.
·         To provide food assistance to keep the inhabitants with low economic power from
being hungry
·         To give them and their children personal care items to reduce the prevalence of
infection and support better nutrition
·         To provide hope through our support and donations to influence positive behaviors
in the community
DATE: 5th of February, 2022
Vulnerable families in Somolu community
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