This is to formally invite you for the upcoming outreaches scheduled for this Saturday at Sagbo Koji Island, Lagos. The Saturday outreach is an opportunity for those who were unable to attend the Badagry outreach to participate in another fun-filled outreach. Kindly see below our scheduled activities from 15th to 19th December, 2020.

Date: Saturday 19th December
Event: Outreach to reach women and children on Sagbo Koji Island

This outreach requires about 15 minutes boat crossing from CMS to reach the outreach venue. If you are afraid of water (Aqua phobic),  please do not participate.
To limit the risk attached to boat crossing, all participating volunteers will be provided with a life jacket to and fro the Sagbo Koji Island. 

Time: 8:00am at the Lagos Food Bank and 11:00am at the outreach venue depending on which of the locations you wish to go first. If you wish to come to the food bank first, please come in at 8:00am to help load boxes whilst doing other few works till 9:00am. We will leave the food bank for 9:30am. But if you wish to go straight to where the outreach will happen (Sagbo Koji Island), please arrive at exactly 11:00am.
TARGET BENEFICIARIES: Women and children in Sagbo Koji Island