Amidst the soaring cost of living and food prices that stand out as major concerns for vulnerable families across the nation, many struggle to afford adequate meals, particularly during the Ramadan season. To this effect, the Lagos Food Bank Initiative through its  Ramadan Food Assistance Program (RFAP) will reach its Muslim beneficiaries on Friday March 15th 2024, with a distribution of cooked meals for Iftar.


The aim of this initiative is to offer Iftar meals, crucial for breaking the fast during Ramadan, to support fasting individuals in need within the Muslim community.


  1. To provide Muslim beneficiaries with nutritious meals for Iftar so they are able to divert already limited funds for more important use.
  2. To improve the overall well-being and health of Muslim beneficiaries during this fasting season.
  3. To provide support to struggling Muslim families during the Ramadan fasting period.

Date: 15th of March, 2024.

Target Beneficiaries: Vulnerable Muslim families.


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