On Sunday, 27th of November 2022, Lagos Food Bank Initiative in partnership with Sony Music will hold a nutritional intervention for the elderly women in Oshodi community through the Temporary Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP) by providing them with food and other relief items. 


Sony Music Entertainment is an American multinational music company owned by the parent conglomerate: Sony Group Corporation. The Sony Music Entertainment fuels the creative journey and plays a pioneering role in music history. They have nurtured some of music’s most iconic artists and produced some of the most influential recordings of all time. 

The Sony Music Group works in more than 60 countries, supporting a diverse roster of international superstars, developing independent artists and visionary creators. 

The goal of Sony Music Group is giving to affect change in communities around the world that need it the most, both inside and outside the music industry, and to establish meaningful partnerships and provide strategic investments with well-established organizations that implement and operate charitable endeavors directly impacting historically excluded populations and industry related causes. 


The goal of this outreach is to provide healthy and nutritious food items to elderly women living in underserved communities and to reduce the impact of hunger through food donation.


  • To provide access to sufficient food by donating food items that can last for at least a period of one month.  
  • To improve the health of the older population through proper feeding and to encourage healthy diet. 
  • To reduce the effects of hunger and food insecurity among the elderly people living in underserved communities. 

DATE: 27th November 2022.

BENEFICIARIES: Elderly women in Oshodi community.

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