In continuation of the One Billion Meals Campaign, on Sunday 6th of November 2022, Lagos Food Bank

Initiative will reach out to the vulnerable members within Ikorodu community, in partnership with the Food Banking Regional Network and Mohammed Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiative. The donated food items will sustain each household for a period of 2-4 weeks; hence reducing the effects of hunger and food insecurity in the under-served communities.


The Food Banking Regional Network is a non-governmental organization that organizes charity work, unify efforts and encourages cooperation between different sectors for protecting the right of people to feed themselves in dignity. The FBRN is looking forward to changing the world to achieve food sufficiency, secure the environment, and develop the needy to attain independence and to attain nutritional security.


The goal of the outreach is to reduce the impact of food insecurity caused by the increasing

cost of purchasing food items, and to provide access to nutritious meal to people living in

under-served communities. 


  1. To reduce the increasing stress associated with food insecurity and provide access to nutritious food items. 
  2. To make food available to all that need it and reduce the impact of hunger.
  3. To spread hope through nutritional intervention and encourage proper feeding habits.

DATE: Sunday 6th of November, 2022

BENEFICIARIES Vulnerable women and Children of Ikorodu, Lagos.

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