On Friday October 13 2023, the Lagos Food Bank Initiative will be reaching out to vulnerable
adults living with diabetes as part of our dedication to serving, educating, and monitoring the
nutritional needs of our beneficiaries, specifically people living with diabetes, through the
Nutrition Intervention in Diabetes Self-management (NIDS) program.

The NIDS program seeks to improve the glycemic control of people living with diabetes (PLD)
in low-income communities by providing them with free diabetes-appropriate meals or foodstuff
that will enable them make informed choices and manage their diabetes effectively.


To reduce food insecurity levels among people living with diabetes.


  • To maintain glycemic control for individuals living in low-income communities who
    have diabetes.
  • To promote healthy habits such as diverse dietary choices, portion management, and
    physical activity among vulnerable individuals with diabetes.
  • To ensure a consistent provision of diabetes-appropriate nutritious foods for the

Date: Friday October 13 2023,

Target Beneficiaries: People living with diabetes

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