On Saturday 17th of December 2022, Lagos Food Bank Initiative in partnership with Bella Disu Foundation will be donating staple food items to the vulnerable members of Makoko community through the Temporary Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP).

The donated food items will help in reducing the impact of hunger and malnutrition in the under-served community.


Bella Disu Foundation (BDF) is a non-profit organization established to improve the socio-economic outcomes in vulnerable communities and also improve the potential of children from less-privileged backgrounds by providing access to quality education and employment skills. BDF contributes to education, health, disaster relief and other programs. 


The goal of this outreach is to improve the feeding pattern by providing access to healthy meals through food donation to the people that need it. 


  • To provide access to healthy and sufficient food for vulnerable children and adults. 
  • To improve the health of the older population through proper feeding and to encourage healthy diet. 
  • To reduce the impact of social deprivation associated to poverty through the donation of food and other relief items. 

DATE:17th December 2022.

BENEFICIARIES: Vulnerable members of Makoko community.

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