On Monday 13th of March 2023, Lagos Food Bank Initiative will be supporting 7 credible nutrition-focused NGOs by donating food items to be distributed across several communities in Nigeria.

Due to the increasing cost of food items and the current economic situation, there is an increase in the hunger gap created and Lagos Food Bank is working to close down the gap by partnering with NGOs across several states to provide access to healthy and nutritious meal to people living in far-to-reach communities.


The goal of the distribution is to ensure that more people living in under-served communities have access to food through the partnership of Lagos Food Bank and the NGOs working within those communities.



  1. To provide access to healthy and nutritious meal to the people living in far-to-reach communities.
  2. To reduce the rate of hunger and hunger-related crimes and illnesses in the communities.
  3. To increase the reach of credible NGOs who are working tirelessly to solve the problem of hunger and malnutrition.


List of Beneficiary Organizations:

  1.  Elite Youth Initiative
  2. Chinyere Florence E Foundation
  3. Mojisola Care Foundation
  4. Lend a Hand Africa
  5. Be a Gift to all Foundation
  6. Youth Empowerment and Growth Initiative (YEGI)
  7. Remilekun Foundation


DATE: Monday, 13th March 2023.

BENEFICIARIES: Nutrition-focused Non-Governmental Organizations.

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