On Thursday, 14th September 2023, Lagos Food Bank will be holding a food distribution to 8
credible NGOs across different states in Nigeria to reach the beneficiaries of their program.
Lagos Food Bank partners with nutrition focused NGOs to double their impact and ensure that
more people have access to the healthy and nutritious food for optimal growth and health.
The partnership is to empower non-profits across Nigeria with the needed resources to end
hunger and malnutrition across the country.

The goal of the outreach is to reach more vulnerable families with food items and other relief

1. To reduce the food gap in low-income communities by providing them with healthy and
nutritious food.
2. To increase the reach of local NGOs in their communities by supporting them with
needed resources from through the Food Bank Network program.
3. To reduce the menace of hunger related crimes and vices in low-income communities.

List of Beneficiary Organizations:
1. Be a Gift to All Foundation
2. Crimson Bow Sickle Cell Initiative
3. Damsy Foundation
4. Diamond Center for Children Living with Disabilities
5. Nikel’s Aid Foundation
6. Passion for the Needy Initiative
7. Peculiar Treasure Outreach
8. The Candlelight Foundation

DATE: Thursday, 14th September 2023.
BENEFICIARIES: Non-Governmental Organizations.

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