On Thursday, October 26th 2023, Lagos Food Bank will conduct a food distribution outreach, partnering with reputable nutrition-focused NGOs across various Nigerian states, aimed at reaching the beneficiaries of their program to reduce the burden of hunger in their households due to the increasing cost of food.

Lagos Food Bank’s collaboration with nutrition-focused NGOs aims to amplify their impact, ensuring more people have access to healthy and nutritious food for enhanced well-being.

This partnership is designed to empower non-profit organizations throughout Nigeria with the necessary resources to combat hunger and malnutrition on a national scale. Local NGOs receive vital support to expand their impact, and hunger-related issues are significantly reduced through collaborative efforts facilitated by the Lagos Food Bank Initiative and its partner NGOs.


To foster a more food-secure and resilient society in Nigeria, where vulnerable families in low-income communities have consistent access to nourishing food.


  1. Addressing Food Insecurity: To diminish the food deficit in low-income communities by providing them with wholesome and nutritious food through the partner NGOs
  2. Supporting Local NGOs: To extend the outreach of local NGOs within their communities by offering essential resources through the Food Bank Network program.
  3. Mitigating Hunger-Related Challenges: To reduce the prevalence of nutrition related diseases in the under-served communities.

Congratulations to the following Beneficiary Organizations:

  • Abi Welfare Foundation
  • Abimslove4allinitiative
  • Advocacy For Prisons and Orphanages Organization
  • Emmy Food Bank Initiatives
  • Gifting Without Borders Foundation
  • Remilekun Foundation for Women and Children

DATE: Thursday, 26th October 2023.

BENEFICIARIES: Non-Governmental Organizations.


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