On Thursday, 20th July 2023, Lagos Food Bank will be holding a workshop for 9 NGOs at the Food Bank warehouse to discuss strategies to ensure continuity of impact. In the program, the NGOs will also be getting support from the Food Bank in terms of food items donation to be distributed to the beneficiaries of their programs in low-income communities.

With the continuous increase in the food prices, this is a timely partnership for the NGOs, as this would increase their reach across several households in Nigeria.


The goal of the outreach is to ensure that indigent households in far-to-reach communities have access to healthy and nutritious food.


  1. To optimize the productivity level of the members of low-income communities through proper nutrition.
  2. To promote healthy living and reduce the effect of food-insecurity among the beneficiary groups.
  3. To double the reach of local NGOs in their communities by supporting them with technical skills and resources from the Food Bank Network program.

List of Beneficiary Organizations:

  1. The Heartmenders Foundation
  2. Lighted Pearl Africa Foundation
  3. Jael pearls foundation
  4. Pealim Foundation
  5. Camp Adventure Africa Initiative
  6. Aanu Foundation
  7. Marvellous Nnaji Foundation
  8. Project Grey Nigeria
  9. Jewels Ladies Foundation

DATE: Thursday, 20th July 2023.

BENEFICIARIES: Non-Governmental Organizations.

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