In celebration of this year’s children’s day, Lagos Food Bank will be supporting 10 NGOs with food items to reach children and vulnerable households living in low-income communities on Friday 24th of May 2024.

This is to ensure that children and their households in food-insecure communities also share in the joy of the celebration by reaching them with food and other relief items.


The goal of the outreach is to promote food security and reduce the effect of malnutrition among children in low-income communities.


  • To celebrate and share love to children living in under-served communities.
  • To reduce the effect of food insecurity among children created by the increased cost of food items.
  • To reduce the rate of hunger and hunger-related illnesses among children in the communities.

List of Beneficiary Organizations:

  1. Team-Elite Youth foundation
  2. Raising Star Africa Foundation
  3. Soromidayo Foundation
  4. Motherhood NG Initiative
  5. GLOHWOC Foundation
  6. Emmy Food Bank Initiatives
  7. Foundation for Excellent Living and Development
  8. Pop Empowerment Foundation
  9. Hope for HIV/AIDS International
  10. Ancient Help Welfare

DATE: Friday, 24th May 2024.

BENEFICIARIES: Non-Governmental Organizations.

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