On Thursday 5th October and Friday 6th October, 2023 the Family Farming program will have a two day comprehensive in partnership with Helping Out Initiative training designed to women and youth in vulnerable communities with the essential knowledge and skills necessary to start their backyard farm. The program aims to reduce the prevalence of poverty amidst women by expanding their economic capacity through family farming.

This training is an interactive theoretical and practical  demonstration of urban farming practices where the beneficiaries will learn about Vegetable production (Olericulture), Snail production (Heliculture), Poultry production and Agribusiness entrepreneurship.

Objectives of the Training:

  1. To equip the participants with a knowledge and understanding of sustainable farming practices.
  2. To foster a supportive learning environment for participants to share experiences, challenges, and learn best practices in agriculture.
  3. To enhance the participants’ practical skills and techniques with innovative ideas to yield better harvest.
  4. To promote food and financial security through urban farming.

Date: 5th October – 6th October, 2023

Venue: LFBI Warehouse

Target Audience: Vulnerable Women and Youth


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