On Saturday 4th May, 2024 the Lagos Food Bank will be reaching out to its beneficiaries with agricultural produce inclusive of poultry, snail and vegetable produce to establish their backyard farms in partnership with Access Bank to fight hunger and promote food and financial security. 


The goal of the outreach is to promote food security and  self-sustenance by empowering the beneficiaries of the program with the necessary small scale agricultural materials needed to establish a backyard farm.


  • To equip vulnerable women and youths with adequate knowledge and skills to start up a backyard farm
  • To promote food security and financial stability of the program’s beneficiaries there by making them self-reliant
  • To reduce the prevalence of poverty amidst women.

Distribution Items:

  • Vegetable Starter Kits (Quality vegetable seeds, Organic Manure and Kegs)
  • Poultry Starter Kits (Chickens, Cage, Feeds, Drinker, Feeder, Antibiotics and Multivitamin)
  • Snail Starter Kit (Snails, Feed, Cage)

Date: Saturday 4th May, 2024

Location: Papa Ashaffa, Agege Community, Lagos

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