Monday 27th May, 2024 is a special day for children in Nigeria as the day is earmarked as Children’s Day across the country. As a day set aside to celebrate children, CODIX Pharmaceutical will be partnering with the EDUFOOD program of the Lagos Food Bank to distribute nutritious school meals to primary school children of low-cost schools in Agege.


Codix provides innovative health technology solutions to identify gaps in healthcare by ensuring access via the production, sales, and marketing of quality yet affordable devices and therapeutics which effectively diagnose and treat chronic and infectious diseases.


To celebrate children on Children’s Day through the school feeding program by providing nutritious food for primary school students and creating a fun and engaging environment with games and activities.


  • To provide adequate nutritional meals for the children in the primary schools.
  • To create a celebratory atmosphere in the schools on Children’s day.
  • To reduce absenteeism and dropout rates of school children due to hunger.

DATE: Monday 27th May, 2024

VENUE: Low-cost primary schools in Agege community

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