To commemorate the birthday of our esteemed friend and partner of the food bank, Mrs. Funmi Osineye, the Lagos Food Bank Initiative is collaborating with her to provide nourishing hot meals to beneficiaries of the Education Enhancement Intervention for Food Insecure Students (EDUFOOD) program.

Taking place in the premises of the schools on Thursday 16th of May 2024, this celebration is aimed at curbing food insecurity affecting young school children in low-income schools.


The main aim of this outreach is to provide hot nutritious meals to children, to enhance the nutritional status and general well-being of food-insecure school students.


  • To improve the nutritional status of food insecure school children.
  • To enhance cognitive development and the ability to focus and understand lessons in class.
  • To promote higher rates of school attendance and enrollment of girls.

DATE: Thursday 16th May, 2024.


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