Our next TEFAP outreach is scheduled to be held at Dustbin Estate,Ajegunle. Dustbin Estate is a slum of shanties erected on planks over heaps of refuse. Formerly a swamp, the waters were continuously filled with the city’s waste until now. Poor hygiene and sanitation, lack of infrastructure and general hazards of being next to a canal drain for waste and floodwaters in Ajegunle make it notorious for being inhabited by the most vulnerable and impoverished inhabitants of the city of Lagos.


To give relief to vulnerable inhabitants of Dustbin Estate that are in dire economic and physical straits to give them hope and assistance that will support better outcomes for them and their loved ones.


To provide food assistance to keep the inhabitants with low economic power from being hungry

To give them and their children personal care items to reduce the prevalence of infection and support better nutrition.

To provide hope through our support and donations to influence positive behaviors in the community

DATE: Saturday, 30th October 2021.


Vulnerable women and children in Dustbin Estate, Ajegunle community.


Our TEFAP outreach is a Temporary Emergency Food Assistance program that gives immediate relief to vulnerable families in poor communities through boxes of hope. Through the donations we receive, our network of volunteers and staff inspect and identify vulnerable families, purchase, sort and package the boxes containing essential foodstuffs and grocery supplies as well as non-essential items such as personal care items, supplements as well as gently used clothing. Our boxes of hope can sustain a family of 5 for 2 to 4 weeks. The TEFAP program since starting operations in April 2021 has reached out to communities in all 20 LGAs in Lagos State as well as its environs.

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