On Wednesday 28th June, 2023, Lagos Food Bank Initiative will  reach out to food-insecure families at the food bank warehouse through the implementation of our Temporary Food Assistance Program (TEFAP) in partnership with Tonic Technologies

The TEFAP intervention plays an important role in tackling the problem of immediate hunger and enabling its beneficiaries to channel their available resources to other important financial needs. 


Tonic Technologies is a FinTech startup focused on providing virtual and professional solutions in monetary activities and payment solutions. Kindly click here to read more.


The goal of this outreach is to provide immediate hunger relief to the families living in Maryland Community which not only ensures access to healthy and nutritious food items but reduces the effect of food insecurity.


  • To provide immediate food relief  to the most vulnerable within the community.
  • To reduce the prevailing effects of inflation on food items on beneficiaries
  • To bring hope and a sense of belonging to residents of low-income communities.

DATE: Wednesday 28th June, 2023

VENUE: LFBI Warehouse

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