On Wednesday 18th of May 2022 through the Temporary Food Assistance Program (TEFAP) the Lagos Food Bank Initiative will be reaching out to vulnerable and indigent residents of Agege community in partnership with Gtext Homes.

Gtext homes is a subsidiary of Gtext Global – Africa’s number one real estate empire. They are the pioneers of the green and smart estate program in Africa, while using the most advanced cutting-edge technology at their disposal. With an investment platform called Gvest, which enables customers earn massive ROI on their investments and Gtext farms for agriculturally inclined investors.

The outreach will be held in Agege community. Agege is a suburb and local government area in the City of Lagos located in South west, Nigeria. The population of the area is estimated at 461,123 inhabitants with Christianity and Islam as the commonly practiced religions. Agege is a peri-urban area densely populated with children.

To meet the needs of the most vulnerable families within our host community Agege, we aim to reach out to vulnerable people that are in dire economic and physical straits to give them hope and assistance that will support better outcomes for them and their loved ones.

● To increase awareness in the area of food security, the standard of living, and quality of life.
● To provide beneficiaries with dietary counselling, nutrition education and general healthy living.
● To bring hope and a sense of belonging to residents of underserved communities.

DATE: 18th of May, 2022

BENEFICIARIES: Vulnerable women and children and in Agege community.

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