On Tuesday, 28th March 2023, the Lagos Food Bank in partnership with Tonic Technologies will be reaching out to vulnerable women in low-cost communities in Lagos state to distribute staple food and other relief materials through the Temporary Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP).

About Our Partner:

Tonic Technologies is a FinTech startup focused on providing virtual and professional solutions in monetary activities and payment solutions.


To reach out to vulnerable women in under-served communities with the aim of providing food to all for a basic level of survival.


  • To bring food relief to the vulnerable women of the low-cost communities
  • Enable food insecure families to achieve their nutrition and health goals
  • To end hunger by eradicating food insecurity

Date: Tuesday, 28th March 2023

Time: 11:00 am

Beneficiaries: Vulnerable women in Agege Community

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