On Friday 31st of March 2023, Bristow Helicopters Nigeria partnered with Lagos Food Bank Initiative to provide food and relief items to food-insecure families in Mangoro/Agege Community through the Temporary Food Assistance Program (TEFAP). TEFAP is designed to provide short-term relief and long-term support to individuals facing food insecurity.

Mangoro is a suburb in Ikeja within Agege local government area in the city of Lagos located in the South western part of Nigeria.

The outreach which was aimed at reaching out to the vulnerable in Mangoro community and providing food and relief items to support their basic needs was held at the food bank warehouse with a large number of beneficiaries in attendance.

In preparation for the outreach, the beneficiaries were reached out to and given food vouchers for the nutritional intervention at the food bank warehouse. 

On the morning of the outreach, Bristow Helicopters Nigeria team and volunteers gathered at the food bank warehouse to finalize preparation and packaging of the boxes of hope and also to manage delighted beneficiaries.

Also present was the President of Lagos Food Bank Initiative, Dr. Michael Sunbola. In his welcome speech, appreciated the  Bristow Helicopters Nigeria team for their continuous support to the food bank, and encouraged more organizations to participate in corporate volunteering activities. He emphasized the importance of having first-hand experience alongside donations, to have a more significant impact on fighting hunger and malnutrition.

The distribution of food and relief items kicked off at 10am. Volunteers, LFBI and Bristow team were collectively engaged in the proper coordination of Beneficiaries and items were successfully distributed. 

In addition, the Business Development Manager of Bristow Helicopters Nigeria Mr Mayoya Babatunde acknowledged Lagos Food Bank Initiative as a credible partner they have worked with yearly to impact in the lives of food-insecure individuals in various communities.

Beneficiaries, with smiles on their faces, expressed deep gratitude to the management of LFBI and Bristow Helicopters Nigeria for their kind gesture towards them at such a critical time.