Lagos Food Bank Initiative provided food items to 11 NGOs in and outside Lagos, in order to make good quality food available to as many vulnerable people as possible in the communities they cover on Friday 4 th of March, 2022.
The distribution which held at the foodbank warehouse included items like bags of grains, staple foodstuff, and essential non-food items such as personal hygiene items, clothing materials and paper products to be distributed to beneficiaries at their planned outreaches and events in the month of March. The spokespersons for some of these organizations expressed how the support from Lagos Food Bank has helped them extend their reach with the communities around them, and their gratitude on being selected as part of the partnership program. They also explained that with the rising cost of food, this distribution has brought relief and will help them focus on other important aspects in their goals to serve humanity.
Overtime, the Lagos Food Bank has supported orphanages, community development NGOs, food pantries, homeless shelters as well as soup kitchens that provide emergency relief for people in need.

Names of Beneficiary Organizations
1. Best Rescue Initiative
2. Remilekun Foundation
3. Be a Gift to All Foundation
4. Share Love Initiative
5. Aremolekun Care Foundation
6. Camp Adventure Africa Initiative
7. Ajegunle Food Bank
8. Adonai Empowerment Foundation
9. Mawumadoka Foundation
10. Child life line
11. Old Age Care Foundation