The Lagos Food Bank Initiative has officially commenced the implementation of  the One Billion Meals Campaign in Lagos, Nigeria in  partnership with the Food Banking Regional Network and Mohamed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiative. The One Billion Meals Campaign is an initiative that aims at tackling food insecurity by donating food to the underprivileged and undernourished in underserved communities affected by the rising food inflation.

The campaign began with distributions of essential food and personal care items at various vulnerable communities such as Akoka-Bariga, Iba-Ojo, Adealu-Dopemu, and many more families within other communities have benefitted from this initiative. One of the elderly beneficiaries Mrs. Abdulwahab expressed how she never expected such an amount of foodstuff and prayed profusely for the organization and partners, Mrs. Anu, another beneficiary of this campaign danced as she got her box as she mentioned that this donation would save her some money for more important things.

The distributions have also provided the avenue for the women to learn more about healthy dieting and meal plans for healthy living. Members of the communities who were not registered equally benefited from other relief materials (sanitary pads, fairly used clothes, shoes, bags, etc.) and Lagos Food Bank’s Innovative sustainable Job placement program went ahead on a separate registration exercise with the Job placement team. The women and children continuously expressed their gratitude as they left the outreach ground with their boxes of hope and other non-essential items.