On Thursday 22nd June, 2023 the Lagos Food Bank Initiative announced  a partnership with the Australian High Commission in Nigeria through the Family Family program to support the LFBI’s work in promoting food security  and sustainable livelihoods through the provision of long-term nutrition and livelihood support for women and youth. Click here to read the official press release.

The partnership is expected to reduce the prevalence of poverty amidst women, empower vulnerable women to be self-reliant and promote gender equality in the agriculture sector and enhance the local community’s knowledge on agriculture through urban farming programs that educate, inform and raise people’s awareness on how the food system works. 

In the wake of the partnership, the food bank also received representatives of the Australian High Commission in persons of Ms Leann Johnston (Australian Chargé ‘Affaires to Nigeria) and Calum Walker (Second Secretary), as they paid a courtesy visit to the organization.

In his welcome speech, Dr. Michael Sunbola (Founder/Executive Director, LFBI) officially welcomed the delegates to the Lagos Food Bank and expressed his excitement at having them present at the food bank on the day. He also gave a quick overview of the organization’s work, mission and impact in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. 

The visit included a brief presentation at the food bank as the team discussed the impact of Lagos Food Bank Initiative’s through the Family Farming program as it continues in its mission to promote food security and self-sustainability of its beneficiaries across vulnerable communities while also encouraging sustainable agricultural practices.