Lagos Food Bank Initiative in partnership with the Australian High Commission Nigeria on Saturday, 5th of August 2023, reached out to vulnerable families within Agege Community Lagos, facing challenges of food insecurity with the rapid increase in general market price by setting them up with snail, poultry, and vegetable backyard farms.                 

During the program, the Executive Director of LFBI, Dr. Michael Sunbola, highlighted that the family farming scale-up activities go deep into addressing food insecurities as it gives vulnerable families the privilege to grow their food, thereby having access to a nutritious food supply and financial empowerment. He appreciated the partnership and hopes to do more as the family farming program of LFBI is a sustainable way of supporting and empowering beneficiaries.

Beneficiaries were present in great numbers in anticipation and didn’t hesitate to testify to the impact of the outreach. Mama Koffee, one of the beneficiaries of the program, appreciated the food bank for empowering her with the materials needed to start her backyard farm, as it would be a source of income and food source for her and her family.

Members of the communities also indicated their interest and willingness to be a part of the next training of the next batch of beneficiaries. The program was a remarkable success as beneficiaries were overjoyed as they received all the materials for the different backyard farm set up.