On the 17th, 21st and 23rd in May 2024, Lagos Food Bank Initiative partnered with Alabaster Network to provide nutritional support to food insecure school children in low-cost schools for their well-being and cognitive development through the Education Enhancement Intervention for Food Insecure Students (EDUFOOD) program, in execution of OPF5000, an initiative of the partner organization.

Taking place in the premises of the different schools, the outreach was highly impactful, putting endless smiles on the young faces of children as they were served by food bank volunteers and representatives of the partner organization with nutritious meals.

Speaking on the importance of school meals, Mr. Babajide, a teacher in CMS Primary School, one of the beneficiary schools of the distribution, pointed out that such initiatives encourage school attendance among students and help improve student’s focus in class. He also appreciated the food bank and their partners for promoting education through nutrition.

The partnership between the food bank and Alabaster Network was a remarkable success, touching the lives of the future generation for increased potential and general well-being.