We are proud to share the remarkable progress of Mariam Kodaolu and Olaniyi Bamise, who were enrolled in our NUMEPLAN program as malnourished babies. Prior to their enrollment, they exhibited physical signs of malnourishment, including muscle mass loss, irritability, pale and dry skin. However, since enrollment to our program, they have made remarkable strides towards improved health.

During their enrollment, their caregivers received biweekly nutritional assessment and counseling sessions. Mariam’s weight increased from 4.1kg to 7.3kg, her length improved from 54cm to 65cm, and her MUAC (Mid-Upper Arm Circumference) increased from 8.9cm to 13.8cm. Similarly, Bamise experienced significant physical changes, with her weight rising from 3.9kg to 7kg, her length increasing from 55cm to 65cm, and MUAC improving from 9cm to 13.1cm. These improvements in their physical measurements were accompanied by visible positive changes. . The children became more energetic, engaged in increased playtime, began to smile, and even took their first steps without assistance.

As part of our nutrition care process, we provided nutrition education, complementary feeding practices, food preparation techniques, and nutritious food items and supplements to the mothers and caregivers during their biweekly visits. At NUMEPLAN, we emphasize teaching mothers how to utilize the resources they have at home to prepare nutritious meals for their children.

These positive changes serve as strong indicators of improved nutrition and its significant influence on the children’s growth and development. Adequate nutrition plays a vital role in equipping children with the energy and essential nutrients required to achieve developmental milestones and engage in age-appropriate activities.

Upon discharge, Mariam and Bamise will be coming for monthly follow-up sessions to maintain their progress and overall health. These regular check-ups will allow us to monitor their growth and prevent any potential setbacks, ensuring their continued well-being. We are happy that the dedication and compliance of their mothers have played a crucial role in achieving this significant milestone in their children’s growth and development.

The transformative journey of Mariam Kodaolu and Olaniyi Bamise within our NUMEPLAN program demonstrates the power of comprehensive care and proper nutrition. Their progress serves as a testament to the potential for positive change when adequate resources and guidance are provided. We remain dedicated to educating families and communities on proper nutrition which will further to reduce the prevalence of malnutrition