On the 22nd of October, Beneficiary NGOs of the Lagos Food Bank Ini assembled at the Lagos Food Bank warehouse for a scheduled distribution. In the ongoing partnership program, a number of credible NGOs with visions and goals similar to that of the food bank are selected out of a pool of other applicants. In this 6th distribution event, held at the warehouse, 9 new NGOs were added to the fold. Each NGO received bags of grains, staple foodstuff, and personal care items to be distributed to beneficiaries at their planned outreaches and events in the month of October. The spokespersons for some of these organizations shared their views on how they felt encouraged to be selected in the partnership program and how the support from Lagos Food Bank is evidence that they are on the right path. They also spoke on how the food items given will go a long way to make sure their interventions are a success as they can focus monetary donations on other important aspects of the outreach distribution thereby reaching more people. The Lagos Food Bank Initiative believes that in partnering with other NGOs of similar ideology, it can successfully defeat hunger for the common man and bring all-round positive impact to the society by community hands working together to get society’s hunger and malnutrition problems solved.


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