Lagos food bank is a non-partisan organization without party affiliation, bias, or designation. We are nonpartisan because hunger and food insecurity affect people from different spheres of life.
While we encourage patriotic citizens to exercise their rights as voters, we shall not support or oppose any political party or candidate.
We hereby discourage political aspirants from soliciting any form of support from the food bank or its entities. Also, donating in a bid to endorse the food bank as part of a political party is
highly prohibited and such offers would be declined.
Employees, board members, and volunteers of Lagos Food bank are expected to maintain a non-partisanship status while acting as official representatives of the organization. In this light,
employees, board members and volunteers of Lagos Food Bank may not in an official capacity:

  • Advocate for or endorse any candidate for public office.
  • Campaign for or encourage voters registration for a particular party
  • Fundraise for and coordinate any election activity
  • Accept monetary gifts or other forms of donation from members of a political party.