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The LFBI School Feeding Program (EDUFOOD) feeds over 4000 students in 25 low cost schools within Lagos. This guide is the result of the practical experience of the Lagos Food Bank Initiative’s Nutrition & School Feeding Program Officer and an extensive literature review of best practices for school feeding programs.

With this guide, we aim: To help NGOs serving low-cost communities set up, refine, or expand their school feeding programs, to provide an insight into the need for SFPs in low cost primary schools; and to share our experience, providing a clear, practical guide for those involved in SFP implementation.

  1. Funmi

    Great work LFBI ????

  2. Faidat

    This is amazing … Weldone LFBI

  3. Zainab

    This is awesome????

  4. Vitalis

    I hail edufood. Keep the flag flying .

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