On Thursday, June 27th 2024, the Lagos Food Bank Initiative will conduct a food distribution outreach.
In collaboration with reputable nutrition-focused NGOs across various Nigerian states, this initiative
aims to alleviate hunger in low-income households struggling with the rising cost of food.
By working with these NGOs, Lagos Food Bank aims to extend its reach, ensuring that more people have
access to healthy and nutritious food for improved well-being. This partnership empowers non-profit
organizations across Nigeria with the resources necessary to address hunger and malnutrition on a
national scale. Local NGOs gain crucial support to enhance their impact, significantly reducing hunger-
related issues through the combined efforts facilitated by the Lagos Food Bank Initiative and its

 To create a more food-secure and resilient society in Nigeria, where vulnerable families in low-
income communities have reliable access to nourishing food.

Addressing Food Insecurity: Reduce food deficits in low-income communities by providing
wholesome and nutritious food through partner NGOs.
 Supporting Local NGOs: Extend the reach of local NGOs within their communities by offering
essential resources through the Food Bank Network program.
 Mitigating Hunger-Related Challenges: Decrease the prevalence of nutrition-related diseases in
underserved communities.

List of Beneficiary Organizations:
– Women of Inestimable Foundation
– Project Grey Nigeria
– Tender Heart Foundation
– Real Act of Kindness (RAK) Development Foundation
– Super Parents Foundation
– Goke Dele Foundation
– BeckyGee Foundation
– Pantry Aid Initiative
– Peculiar Treasure Outreach

DATE: Thursday, June 27th 2024
BENEFICIARIES: Non-Governmental Organizations

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