A volunteer of the Lagos food Bank Initiative Mr. Elijah David has expounded on the need for food banking in Nigeria and why people should embrace and replicate the initiative. In his words, he noted as follows:

“Beyond every reasonable doubt, the need for the creation of food banks cannot be over emphasized, it’s quite obvious, that, a lot of people see each meal as a miracle, simply because they have to pray hard & work hard to get it. The irony is that, while, some have these food items in abundance, some are dependent on the crumbs from others, and some people are left without crumbs from nowhere!. It quite amazing right? But that’s true!. These people are living around us, we see them every day, unless we want to pretend about it!. You need not travel far to locate them, look around, even right now, you’ll sure see them around you.

Food banks are established to provide food items to meet the needs of indigent people in our society, giving them food for sustenance, life to face numerous opportunities that awaits them out there, and above all, hope to face the future.

 Inside the food bank, are stored diverse food items, which are distributed on daily basis. Food banks are designed to meet the needs of the indigent people, who hardly can secure a meal daily. Food banks are not mere buildings, with big sign posts & bill boards, but store houses, designed to store and distribute food items to the indigent individuals within and around us. So, there is every need for the establishment of food banks in our society, and individuals, government agencies, religious organization e.t.c can take up this challenge to stamp out hunger in our society while also creating volunteers opportunities for people to serve humanity.

 Your contributions both in cash and kind, goes a long way, directly or indirectly, in putting a smile in the face of someone. Indeed, hunger is a menace in the society, which is becoming unbecoming and this has birthed crime related problems in our society. Yes, this is true, so many criminals in our societies causing diverse problems relating to crime, rape, robbery and many criminals other criminal activities, started this career as a result of uncontrollable hunger  which they faced, and which eventually led to their decision to joining a gang for survival.

 Food is indeed, a powerful requirement for our survival, and the absence of it can cause serious sinister desire to engage in criminal activities. We must sacrificially give, sponsor, and contribute positively to kick out hunger in our society.

In the same vein, if our government has not placed a priority on the need for food banks in our society, the need to encourage the establishment of  food banks should not be totally ignored, especially in our country, Nigeria

 It must be noted that the kindness of the altruism has been attempting to fill the gap of the non-existence of food banks especially in Nigeria.

Together, let’s embrace the creation of food banks in our beloved country, NIGERIA”